The 100 Season 2

I won’t give away any spoilers. But one thing’s for sure: „The 100“ has what it takes to be one of the best ScFi series in the last 5 years. The story lines of the first two episodes are very promising, and the producers have obviously decided to invest in more sets, CGI and actors.

Mobile facts to keep in mind

The monetary gap between Android and iOS won’t close so fast, as the Android community wishes. In the very enlightening two-part article „mobile facts to keep in mind“ by Frédéric Filloux (one of the two columnists of the very profound „Monday Note“ blog), the first three basic trends on mobile are outlined. Part two is due to Monday 14th 2014.

„The 100“ a post-apocalyptic tv series

US tv sci fi series are some sort of a marvel. They often appear and disappear without big noise. Which was the case with lots of them in the past years. The last example was ALMOST HUMAN, a very expensive science fiction crime drama that didn’t survive the first season, despite some very good stories and a cast that rocked. But something went wrong, so it wasn’t renewed. Pity. When „The 100“ a post-apocalyptic tv series made a debut on German itunes store I was sure, they wouldn’t survive a first season either, but I was wrong.