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12 Monkeys the series

There was a time when utopia had a bright face in science fiction. Remember the days when Captain Kirk was the heir to King Arthur and his Enterprise was the home of the knights of the round table? Those days seem to be long lost. In the last 10 years the post-apocalyptic stories have taken over everywhere. So the odds are good for dystopias.

No one wakes up excited to see more advertising

„No one wakes up excited to see more advertising, no one goes to sleep thinking about the ads they’ll see tomorrow. We know people go to sleep excited about who they chatted with that day (and disappointed about who they didn’t). We want WhatsApp to be the product that keeps you awake… and that you reach for in the morning. No one jumps up from a nap and runs to see an advertisement.“ Pretty hard words, published on the blog of the website Well not really hard at all. There is a crisis in advertising, and it’s getting worse by the day. And those guys at WhatsApp got it straight…

KUKA Systems Blog nominiert für den Econ Award

KUKA Systems wurde mit dem von alphasystems, Augsburg realisierten Blog und der zugehörigen Social Media Strategie für den renommierten ECON Award nominiert. TWENTYFIRST COMMUNICATIONS GmbH hat neben Designanpassungen für das Blog den passenden Trailer erstellt. …

Comic Self-Publishing with ComiXology

Are you a creator, that is the question, that’s asked by ComiXology in May 2013. What’s new: those guys want to reach the independent comic creators globally. And the benefit would be a global audience. Comic self-publishing with ComiXology should help to bring together the independent artists and a bigger audience. Well, I must confess, that reading comics on the iPad is some sort of an experience, I don’t want to miss in the future. I would even stop buying physical media, if I could get them all digitally. But we’re in Germany, and this country fights every new media. Tablets and iPads are new "Hexenwerk" and the comic enthusiasts are very, VERY old fashioned people. Digital comics? Nah. ComiXology is clearly the most important player worldwide in that special field. Those guys give you an overview to the Northern American comic scene, that’s way beyond the sometimes boring MARVEL productions. You can explore very easily the trends, that happen in the US. And boy do they happen. Series...
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