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Painting by numbers

„Moral of the story: You only learn where a product needs improvement through serious long-term use. Users gain that kind of experience, but reviewers and pundits generally do not. Their observations tend to be superficial. That’s why reviews written after a few days using a product often miss the mark. The real greatness or lack of greatness in a product doesn’t show up for a few weeks or months. Sometimes even longer.

This was a secret of mine, because most of my competitors not only didn’t listen to their users, but they didn’t even use their own products.“

Why tablets will change webdesign fundamentally

So you’re surfing on an iPad. You pay a visit to your favourite discussion board (e.g. Appleinsider) and are annoyed after hitting the wrong page in the disussion the third time. The links are to small, and you don‘t wanna use two-finger-enhancement "just to turn a page" … This pretty much sums up, why website-design has to change fundamentally in the coming months. Tablets are a nice thing, right now, the iPad is the only one, that counts (yeah, there are some Android-try-outs like Samsung’s "achievement" which got it just on par after nearly 8 months) and the surf experience has changed in less than 6 months. Sure, Mobile Safari gives you bigger fonts, but the reading experience is dependant on double tapping the text very often. The genuine discussion board is only readable in landscape mode, and even there you are forced to enhance the comments. Some websites are very complex and use even wider layouts, which isn’t helpful either, when the fonts are to small. To sum it up: Yes, surfing...

The iPad Effect

When Apple released the iPad, it had a very aggressive price point. For Apple. So all of the Apple haters and the competition thought. Then there was silence in the tablet-business for about half a year and then the first "results" from other manufacturers emerged. They all had something in common: they weren’t cheaper, they weren’t better, they hadn’t better Apps and ecosystem and their OS wasn’t ready in a lot of aspects. The result? Nearly every tester said it was a nice try, but no "iPad-Killer" at all. End of story, so far (just a couple of weeks ago HP gave up on WebOS). When we work with some of our clients, it is so remarquable to observe from time to time the very same product "innovations" attitude. Our clients have a new product and want us to make "outstanding" advertising for it. Then we’re dealing with their competition to find some sort of USP. (Yeah, even in the times of social networks and viral advertising something like an USP could...
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