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Surf & Style am Flughafen München powered by Lufthansa

Es ist wieder soweit. Surf & Style am Flughafen München powered by Lufthansa geht in die mittlerweile 3. Runde! Vom 31. Juli bis 25. August findet das absolute Highlight des Flughafen München wieder im Munich Airport Center (MAC) statt. Selbstredend, dass das die weltweit größte stehende Welle an einem Airport ist…

iOS 7 GUI by Teehan+Lax

Teehan+Lax. You probably know these guys? If not, it’s about time when you’re in app design. They’ve provided the worldwide app community with excellent templates to, well, design apps. They’re fast, sometimes blazingly fast in helping us out. Apple just announced and showcased the new iOS 7 and Teehan+Lax is delivering. Unbelievable. You can argue about the looks of iOS 7, you can love it, hate it or be just indifferent. Fact is, you will have to deal with it very fast to bring your apps to the new level, so that when iOS 7 is delivered into the public you’re ready. Or how Entropy puts it: START UPDATING YOUR APPS FOR IOS 7. NOW. In the past, Teehan+Lax were amongst the quickest. They provided the community with templates to all important iOS revisions, very precisely crafted and very intelligent arranged. You can even say, they’re legendary. Even for Android and web developers there is a section with Photoshop templates.

iOS 7...

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