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Perry Rhodan – a fan-made comic as web app

1962 marked the beginning of the space age in Germany. The first issue of the pulp scifi-series „Perry Rhodan – Heir of the Universe“ was published in this year.
It tells the story of a “space force astronaut”, who flies with 4 companions to the moon in 1971 – and there he finds the remnants of an alien space ship with two survivors. And so an epic adventure begins.

Thief of Thieves

It is very interesting how different the comic market in Germany is to that of the rest of the world. While (rare) native German comic artists are lurking to the far east to do the next "Manga style" strip or are producing (artificially uninspired) socio-critical strips, the independent US artists do more and more successful graphic novel stunts. For example "Fatale" or the widely acclaimed "SAGA" series, to name a few. Some graphic novels are indeed very "odd" superhero stories, think of "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode" or the Eisner Award-winning comic series "Chew". And then there is Robert Kirkman’s "Thief of Thieves" - some sort of a "Oceans Eleven" mixed with lots of additional ingredients that premiered 2012. The result is a very interesting and thrilling story about a master thief who wants to get out of his business but is stuck in his very complicated life, an ex-wife, a mature son that is a bag of hurt and a...

Comic Self-Publishing with ComiXology

Are you a creator, that is the question, that’s asked by ComiXology in May 2013. What’s new: those guys want to reach the independent comic creators globally. And the benefit would be a global audience. Comic self-publishing with ComiXology should help to bring together the independent artists and a bigger audience. Well, I must confess, that reading comics on the iPad is some sort of an experience, I don’t want to miss in the future. I would even stop buying physical media, if I could get them all digitally. But we’re in Germany, and this country fights every new media. Tablets and iPads are new "Hexenwerk" and the comic enthusiasts are very, VERY old fashioned people. Digital comics? Nah. ComiXology is clearly the most important player worldwide in that special field. Those guys give you an overview to the Northern American comic scene, that’s way beyond the sometimes boring MARVEL productions. You can explore very easily the trends, that happen in the US. And boy do they happen. Series...