The 100 Season 2

In my review of the first Season on „The 100“ in June 2014 I was overwhelmed by the cliffhanger of the season finale. In fact, after a slow start and some annoying episodes in the first third, I feared, this series would be destined for canceling.

Fortunately I was wrong. The cliffhanger showed the whole potential of this apocalyptic series and every boring minute of the preceding episodes was washed away in one snip. Remember „Firefly“? It was nearly the same situation. The start was a bit out of pace, but in the end, the series showed huge potential. Pity it was too late. Whedon’s SciFi epos was cancelled. Could have been happend to „The 100“ als well. American broadcasters are merciless, when the series doesn’t pay.

But back to The 100 Season 2. After watching the first two episodes I’m blown away. The creators continued the story lines without a bump – no loose ends. And the story lines have even gained speed. It seems, that the first season was just a long (and sometimes too long) introduction to this world 100 years after the nuclear holocaust. And the best: Season 2 introduces new characters and new settings. All inherent to the post apocalyptic setting of the previous episodes.

I won’t give away any spoilers. But one thing’s for sure: „The 100“ has what it takes to be one of the best ScFi series in the last 5 years. The story lines of the first two episodes are very promising, and the producers have obviously decided to invest in more sets, CGI and actors. What started as a bunch of youngsters stranded on this post apocalyptic earth (and it would have been annoying in the long run …) developed at light speed to a convincing picture of a future nobody wants to become acquainted with.

So the bad news is: the title „The 100“ is bit misleading, because those 100 youngsters aren’t the (only) storyline anymore. The good news: after a Spartanic setting in the first season, all seems to widen to an epic SciFi story. Can’t wait to see episode 3.


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