Mobile facts to keep in mind

The monetary gap between Android and iOS won’t close so fast, as the Android community wishes. In the very enlightening two-part article „mobile facts to keep in mind“ by Frédéric Filloux (one of the two columnists of the very profound „Monday Note“ blog), the first three basic trends on mobile are outlined. Part two is due to Monday 14th 2014.

Trend #3 is very interesting:
„iOS will gain in sophistication with the arrival of iOS 8 (see Jean-Louis’ (Gassée from „Monday Note“) recent column about iOS 8 being the real version 2.0 of iOS) and a new breed of applications based on the new Swift programming language. Put differently: Advanced functionalities in Swift/iOS 8-based apps will raise the level of user expectations; publishers will be forced to respond accordingly: as apps reside side by side on the same mobile screen, news apps will be required to display the same level of sophistication than, say, a gaming app (…)“

Filloux is quite sure (and backs it by quoting various sources), that the news industry will have to deal with the fundamental trend, that by the end of 2014 news consumption on smartphones and tablets will eclipse the good old desktop/laptop. What this means for the display of news is very important for publishers all around the world.

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