The Expert – something with media or marketing

Almost ALL advertising agencies sometimes see their honors as compensation for personal suffering. This is very likely, when the client doesn’t send his senior marketing staff but a bunch of half-baked youngsters that want to reinvent the wheel their way. „It should be with 12 corners, but round“ „Sure, Lady!“

Well, we all remember the beginning of our careers. We were bold. We were fast. And we did some very embarrassing things especially when regarded from a couple of years’ distance … But we all were 100% committed to our jobs, no, our profession. We wanted to change advertising, the world, we wanted to be the first to discover new species, fly to the stars.

Enter young good looking ladies that should have never gotten in touch with marketing and advertising. Bored young „professionals“ („I want a career that has something to do with media or marketing“) with an education so rudementary that they barely know the difference between font and fond, bleed and blood. What for, anyway? The fun rollercoaster ride called marketing carreer is all about posing and pretending, isn’t it? You got to have good taste and that’s about it, isn’t it?

Ah. Not quite. Take a look at Lauris Beinerts „The Expert“, a short comedy sketch …

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