Design is about intent

»Intent means purpose; something highly designed was crafted with intention in every creative decision. Frank Lloyd Wright explained that intent drives design with the credo “form follows function“; P&G calls this being “purpose-built.” The designer is the person who answers the question “How should it be?”«

Rampant Innovation, the website by John R. Moran takes on strategy and innovation. I recently came across this site via Daring Fireball. One of the latest pieces by John „Design Is About Intent“ deals with design.

As you guessed right, Apple also plays a big role in his essay. So do SAMSUNG and others. And Rampant Innovation describes very lively the difference in „design philosophies“ between those companies.

When describing those differences, John R. Moran gets crystal clear:
»This kind of user testing – often dressed up as “failing fast” or “experimenting” – can be useful, but it’s not design. You can safely bet that Apple has never tested 41 shades of blue on users to decide the right color for its website links.«

I highly recommend this article.

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