Chris Noeth’s Maya – a science fiction story with superhero elements

Ever heard of Chris Noeth’s Maya – a science fiction story with superhero elements? Maybe not, because Chris Noeth is not the most famous comic artist in Germany. Well, who is? Germany is no market for comics. Has never been and will probably never be.

Sure, there are some German artists, but do they make a living from comics alone? I’m afraid, no. But nevertheless, those artists do an excellent job from time to time and only the fact, that they’re working here prevents them of getting famous in the international field.


Some have tried to go the other way: earning their stripes abroad. As Chris Scheurer, who started his career in France and Belgium, or Chris Noeth, who started his career in the US. One of his works „It Came From Beneath The Sea…Again“ a homage on Ray Harryhausen was published by Bluewater Comics and can be accessed via comixology app on the iPad and Android tablets. He also worked for Papercutz on „TALES FROM THE CRYPT“.

But for every artist comes the time to cut the cord to start an independent career. Noeth decided to do this. And this is definitely courageous, because he is a game artist by profession. In the last decade he worked for companies including (lead artist) and Rough Sea Games GmbH (art director). Now he wants to concentrate on comics – his comic. With the editorial assistance of Bill Nichols he developed MAYA.


The first issue of his own series „Maya“ has been published in the AppStore since September 2013. The stand-alone app lets you read the first issue without any cost – but bothers you with advertising. If you want to read it ad-free, you can do an in-app purchase. We recommend doing that. It’s not expensive and helps the experience.

In my opinion, Noeth does an excellent job in creating tension. And the first issue of Maya leaves the reader with the demand for more. Much more. The story has a strong opener, the artwork is fantastic. And luckily it has nothing to do with comics for the German intellectual SPIEGEL reader: bad artwork and political correct but blunt stories.

So if you want to see, what the independent German comic scene can provide beside the usual suspects, go ahead. You won’t be disappointed.

Ah, one last thing: the comic language is English.

Download from the Apple AppStore
Homepage „Maya“

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