Perry Rhodan – a fan-made comic as web app

1962 marked the beginning of the space age in Germany. The first issue of the pulp scifi-series „Perry Rhodan – Heir of the Universe“ was published in this year. It tells the story of a “space force astronaut”, who flies with 3 companions to the moon in 1971 – and there he finds the remnants of an alien space ship with two survivors. And so an epic adventure begins. Even today Perry Rhodan is still going strong, and is definitely the hugest scifi series on the planet. And this is no exaggeration.

Perry Rhodan – a German phenomenon

Perry Rhodan webedition fan-made webcomic With over 2.900 (pulp-)issues, various spin-offs („ATLAN“) and a reboot in 2010 („Perry Rhodan NEO“) this is quite an achievement. Perry Rhodan was translated into various languages (French, Brazilian and Japanese) but failed in the US – which is indeed a joke, because the space opera was invented there and Perry Rhodan is the mother of all space operas with plots, that were and are so unique that it’s no wonder, the series is still fascinating thousands of fans every week. In 2003 we published this fan comic the first time on our website. It has been translated for the French Fandom and we thought about publishing a small edition of 1,000 printed issues of the first part.
Then came the iPad, digital comics and apps like „Hype“. So we decided to publish Perry Rhodan – a fan-made comic as web app.

Perry Rhodan webedition for iPadIf you want to read it on your iPad (sorry no special Android version, guys) go to with your Safari-Browser. Then open the action menu and chose „Add to Homescreen“. Close Safari and tab the new icon. Navigation is as you’d expect it. Swipe for the next or previous page. Tabbing on the screen opens the navigation menu. Tabbing on the three „lines“ on the right guides you to the main navigation. Here you just tab on a page to open it. Perry Rhodan – a fan-made comic as web app We hope you enjoy the adventures in the 30th century, which is only a small part in the epic history of mankind, the galaxy and the whole universe in the Perry Rhodan canon. Bernd Maier-Leppla & Andreas Hofmann, September 2017

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