Before and after photoshop

Working in advertising means that photoshopping is every day business. And nobody thinks about before and after photoshop any more, when it has to do with products, composings and so on.

Well, the Hollywood industry is quite similar to that. Difference is, that people are the products. Actors and actresses, singers, artists. Due to the advertising industry, that is driven by superficial thinking, those „products“ have to be presented in the best way possible. Enter photoshop.

Some 30 years ago, I bought a lexicon on comic books. It was a German book by Wolfgang J. Fuchs and Reinhold Reitberger. In that „Comic Handbuch“ there was a very interesting foreword. There were three pictures. A John Buscema drawing of Conan (Savage Sword of Conan) the Barbarian and a drawing by John Byrne of Red Sonja. In the middle was some space for a passport photo. Those guys wanted you to paste a photograph of yourself in that space. To demonstrate the difference of reality to the drawn world of comics.

Well, back in 1978 there was surely a difference. Now, almost 35 years later, everything has changed. The ideal of the comic book person has been translated into the real world. No more human defects. Skin in photographs looks like plastic, people seem to have the physical fitness and appearance of Conan or Red Sonja. Photoshop has been the ideal tool to create a transfer picture of the ideal person from imagination into reality.

Comics Handbuch Fuchs Reitberger

So enjoy these marvelous pictures. Before and after photoshop. And you’ll look at your stars in a way different manner.

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