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Ever heard of Tatiana Maslany? Me neither. But when I downloaded the pilot of the SCIFI series „Orphan Black“ from iTunes Germany I was stuck. First, the plot is really … weird and gripping, and second, Tatiana Maslany is helluvan actess.

Just imagine you would be cloned and you just found out – 25 years after that. Yeah, and every clone of you is different. Because it was raised in different cultures and societies. Well at this point, we’re definately in „Orphan Black“.

I won’t give any more spoilers, go ahead, download the first episode and be stunned in awe. OK, the science-fiction series Orphan Black – BBC America is not HBO, and BBC America isn’t AMC, but the series has a potential that is unfolding very powerful through the first season. What a pity that there are only 10 episodes, and you’ll have to wait for the second installment until 2014.

Anyway. Going back to Maslany. She plays gorgeous and brilliant, and she manages her „multiple personalities“ in a way, that you believe that those other incarnations of her are indeed different persons. She plays that to a degree, that your can’t tell, who’s the real Maslany, err … protagonist.

You know what? Watch it. It’s a terrific series with a terrific cast. Her sidekicks are chosen very carefully, and even the bad guys aren’t the normal stereotypes.

Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins is as entertaining as the whole other cast, and Mary Doyle Kennedy plays a more and more mysterious role as the protagonists adoptive mother.

Orphan Black was filmed in Canada, so be prepared, that the American Style is a bit … different.

Yes I am a bit enthusiastic about the series and I wonder how the cliffhangers of the season’s finale are solved next year. But one thing’s for sure. If Maslany would have played a role in one of the more popular series in the US (like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad), she would be the next awardee of an Emmy. But wait …

„Orphan Black“ is available on iTunes in Germany.
Official Website BBC America

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