Comic Self-Publishing with ComiXology

Are you a creator, that is the question, that’s asked by ComiXology in May 2013. What’s new: those guys want to reach the independent comic creators globally. And the benefit would be a global audience. Comic self-publishing with ComiXology should help to bring together the independent artists and a bigger audience.

Well, I must confess, that reading comics on the iPad is some sort of an experience, I don’t want to miss in the future. I would even stop buying physical media, if I could get them all digitally. But we’re in Germany, and this country fights every new media. Tablets and iPads are new „Hexenwerk“ and the comic enthusiasts are very, VERY old fashioned people. Digital comics? Nah.

ComiXology is clearly the most important player worldwide in that special field. Those guys give you an overview to the Northern American comic scene, that’s way beyond the sometimes boring MARVEL productions.

You can explore very easily the trends, that happen in the US. And boy do they happen. Series like „Before Watchmen“, „Bullet in the Head“, „Fatale“, „Ghost Project“ or „The Last Days of American Crime“ to name a few show a scene, that is comparable to the Franco-Belgian scene at it’s best. The Guided View™ technology gives you an experience, that’s far superior to all the other approaches.

And now, they’re asking for submissions. Your submissions. So if you’re a comic artist and searching for a really big audience, give it a try. Those guys have comics arts in their DNA. Even German comic artist Chris Noeth is on ComiXology that published his Ray Harrihausen homage „It Came from Beneath the Sea … Again“.

Comic Self-Publishing with ComiXology

That leaves the question, why Germany and Europe are so frakkin’ retarded concerning local comics and graphic novels in the new media aka iPad and tablets?

Well. I think there are more possibilities than dangers. Publish!

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