Just give me the design data … Fragg.

Well, you probably know it, when you’re working in the creative field. You got a client, you worked for him and some day he asks you, to give him the „open data“ of your creations.
Well, this is some sort of a very unpleasant situation, because on one side, you don’t want to offend your client, and on the other side, you don’t want to give you’re files to another designer, who just exploits your former work (and even gets money for it).

But this is not, what I want to tell you today. Let’s assume, your client wants to do the business cards of his employees inhouse. Nothing to oppose, you would assume, but in reality, you could easily end up in huge pile of non-paid work either. Let’s talk about a typical situation.

1. Client asks you for the „open data“
2. You compile the data, and send it over via email
3. Three or more weeks pass.
4. Client emails you and asks for a „word“or „other version“ of your data. Let’s assume, you did it in InDesign CS 3. Client has CS. (Well in fact, there are ways to downgrade the files, but its unpaid work …)
5. You explain three or four different people that it’s not possible to downgrade without any loss …
6. one additional week passes
7. the semi-pro graphics designer (who is no graphics designer) at your clients’ office gives you a ring and asks you to give him Windows versions of the fonts. Off course you’re on a Mac and converting the fonts is none of your business (in fact it’s forbidden due to legal affairs).
8. Client is in a bad mood – you are in a bad mood. In the meantime you know, that if you had done it by yourself, all would be ready for weeks. Your client would be happy and you wouldn‘t have lost so much time.

That’s why there are Designers and advertising agencies. They do it faster, and in the end cheaper. And everybody would be happy. Fragg.